Pgh-Metro.Net Search Response Information


We do our best to keep an eye on the search statistics for our website, noting what members search for, what they find and what they don't find. We've noticed that there are quite a few "typos" that generate "Not Found" results, so please make sure you spell your query word or phrase correctly!

Having reviewed our latest set of search statistics, we've prepared a list of general responses to what looks like specific areas of interest to our searching members.

Third Quarter 2006

  1. Copies of un-read, un-acted-upon minutes from E-Board and Membership Meetings are provided to members in attendance at Membership Meetings. Otherwise, the Local does not copy or disseminate such minutes.

  2. On-the-job-injuries are individual and fact circumstantial. Questions should be directed to our resident advisor Secretary-Treasurer Desi Neurohr.

  3. Likewise, overtime scheduling issues are also fact-circumstantial and vary slightly via LMOU's and/or practices. Questions should be directed to your steward.

  4. Grievances are not public records, they are the property of the Local. Copies of grievance appeals are sent to individual Grievants as acknowledgment, and to provide a reference number. Supporting documents, such as statements and/or confidential information are maintained as restricted, and will only be shared outside of the grievance procedure when directed by authorized agencies.

  5. There are two (2) significant Casual-In-Lieu-of grievances in PMAPWU's back-log: One regarding the BMC MVS Craft and one regarding the P&DC Clerk Craft. There is no settlement offer on either case. The BMC MVS case went to hearing, had been remanded for more information from the USPS, and is expected to return to Arbitration in the near future. The first day of hearing on the P&DC clerk case occurred July 13, 2006, to be continued on Sept. 7, 2006.

  6. The Rood Trucking Company (RTC) still refused to have meaningful negotiations with PMAPWU. RTC had, and still has, a number of ULP's filed against the Company, has again filed for banking protection, continues to jeopardize USPS contracts, and is firing drivers right and left. PMAPWU is still in the fight.

  7. The Serco Collective Bargaining Agreement has been in place for months. Most of the significant changes, and the expected work place disruptions that go along with them, are winding down as the pay raised and vacation earning procedures are being implemented. The Company is adding a third shift and hiring employees.

  8. BMC, L&DC, P&DC, AMF Staffing Changes, AI Impact, Reassignments, etc. have fluid, interactive, and changing variables. As definite decisions are made, updates will be posted.