Frequently Asked Questions about LifeCare® Services for U.S. Postal Service Employees


  1. What services does LifeCare® provide?

  2. LifeCare, Inc. is an employer-paid benefit provided to EAS, PCES and APWU represented employees and their immediate family members. LifeCare offers information, education and referral services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via telephone and online, to provide assistance with the following issues:
    • Family-Prenatal care, child care, adoption, parenting, adult care, grandparenting, etc.
    • Health & Wellness-Diet/nutrition; fitness programs; general health, etc.
    • Education-Pre-K, elementary/secondary, special education, colleges, financial aid, etc.
    • Financial/Legal-Credit/debt, insurance, retirement/estate planning, wills, etc.
    • Life-Automotive, home improvement, moving, pet care, special events, travel, etc.

    Employees also have access to the following LifeCare "kits" containing free comprehensive educational materials and practical products that address the health and safety concerns of parents and caregivers.

    • Prenatal Kit-Available to expecting employees, this free kit offers valuable information and products (including a diaper bag, infant undergarment, books from the "What to Expect Series").
    • Child Safety Kit-This free kit is designed for parents of children aged three and younger, and provides lifesaving information and products to keep children safe.
    • Adult Care Kit-This kit, containing free products and information for caregivers (including medication organizers, record keepers, flashlight, etc.), gives employees the tools they need to handle adult care responsibilities and provide peace of mind.

  3. Who pays for LifeCare's services?

  4. LifeCare's services are a benefit paid for by USPS and are offered to eligible employees free of charge. EAS, PCES, and APWU represented employees and their eligible dependents can use the services as often as they wish-there is no limit. The only costs employees bear are the fees associated with the providers or resources selected. For example, if you are interested in child care services, LifeCare will provide you with free referrals and educational materials; however, you are responsible for the fees associated with any child care providers you select.

  5. Are LifeCare's services confidential?

  6. Yes, LifeCare's services are strictly confidential and voluntary.

  7. How do I access LifeCare?

  8. LifeCare's services are accessible via a toll-free number (800-873-4636) and via a private web site, www.lifecare.com, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      To access the LifeCare website:
    • Enter the following URL into your browser: www.lifecare.com
    • Click "Member Login"
    • Repeat Users, enter your screen name and password
    • New Users, click "New User? Click here to register". Follow the on-screen instructions for the one-time registration process. When prompted for a company code, enter postal.

    If you have trouble logging on to the LifeCare web site, please call our Help Desk at (888) 604-9565.

  9. What are some of the features of the LifeCare website?

  10. Through the LifeCare web site you can:
    • Search for detailed information on affordable providers in your area, including maps and directions
    • Browse LifeCare's extensive PDF library or read thousands of printable articles
    • Download checklists that can help you evaluate providers
    • Utilize calculators to help you plan, budget and save for major expenses
    • Submit work/life questions to LifeCare's team of experts
    • Participate in online seminars
    And much more!