Labor Links

There are a lot of great places on the web to investigate and enjoy.

We've tried to assemble all of the obvious ones (and a few of the not-so-obvious ones) here so you can find more detailed information about a variety of subjects and interests. We're maintaining a focus on postal-related issues, since these are the ones that affect all of us directly.

  1. APWU National Website
    Visit the APWU National site for information specific to the national agreement. You can also purchase apparel and other items with the APWU logo on it here.

  2. AFL-CIO

  3. The City of Pittsburgh's Official Homepage
    Need information about the city government?

  4. The Federal Times
    The independent weekly's online version.

  5. LiteBlue: the USPS Employee Extranet
    The USPS portal for accessing your PostalEASE, TSP, and other employee benefits. Don't forget you'll need your PIN!

  6. National Labor Relations Board
    The NLRB is an independent Federal agency created in 1935 to enforce the National Labor Relations Act.

  7. Pittsburgh Post Office Social and Recreation Committee
    Providing recreational, social and leisure education opportunities
    that enhance the quality of our members' lives.

  8. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry
    Labor and Industry administers benefits to unemployed individuals, workers' compensation....

  9. The Pennsylvania Postal Worker's Union
    Represents Members-at-Large and Locals throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

  10. National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 84
    The Political Action page of their website. "The purpose of
    this page is to help our members identify their Congressional
    representative and provide a portal to communicate the various letter carrier issues to them."

  11. PostalNews.Com
    The daily news digest of the postal world.

  12. PostalMag.Com
    Online magazine for postal employees.

  13. Thrift Savings Plan
    Visit the official Thrift Savings Plan Home Page.

  14. Union Resource Network
    A great Union portal site, go take a look.

  15. United States Postal Service-- Official Website
    Your employer. 'Nuf said.

  16. Universal Postal Union
    A branch of the United Nations that seeks to unify the postal services of the entire world in a global community.