How Important Is Your Union?

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There are an estimated two million unrepresented postal workers in the private-sector mail industry. Labor history in America has shown that the greater the union density in an industry, the more likely wages will rise; failing to "organize the unorganized" results in wage stagnation. The key to bargaining power is the organized percentage of the workforce in any particular industry.

"Organizing is a win-win situation for workers. The APWU can more effectively protect the jobs and standard of living of all our members-current and future-by continuing to organize throughout the industry," said former APWU President Moe Biller.

Read Why A Union Member by Lee Simons, an APWU member in Nashville, TN.

Lee writes columns for the Ninth Street Rag, an online journal of commentaries and information pertaining to union membership and run by Denny Hill, member of the Southwest Michigan Area Local #143, APWU, AFL-CIO.