June 2013

        pushpin[June 24th]

Ballot Placement Set for Election Of APWU National Officers
excerpted from APWU Bulletin 07-2013

Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell has certified the union members listed below as candidates for national union office by referendum balloting, as mandated by the APWU Constitution.

A drawing was held on June 24 to determine the order candidates' names will appear on the ballot. Incumbent officers are listed first, with "(I)" appearing after their name.

Secretary-Treasurer Powell cast one vote for candidates in uncontested races and the National Election Committee declared them elected, in accordance with the Constitution. Their names will not appear on the ballot.

Please read the full announcement on the APWU website where you will find the entire list of candidates.

        pushpin[June 21st]

Rep. DeLauro Introduces Bill To Protect Overnight Delivery Standards
excerpted from APWU Web News Article 080-2013

Joined by 63 other members of the House, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced the Protect Overnight Delivery Act (H.R. 2459) on June 20, which would protect overnight mail delivery by preventing the USPS from weakening delivery standards. Moving from overnight to two or three day delivery standards will not only slow mail delivery, it will result in closure of mail processing centers and the loss of approximately 30,000 jobs, Rep. DeLauro said.

Among the original co-sponsors of the bill were 62 Democrats and 1 Republicans.

The lawmaker is also a co-sponsor of the Postal Service Protection Act of 2013 (S. 316 / H.R. 630), which would remove the retiree benefits pre-funding burden from the Postal Service and would return billions of dollars in overpayments the USPS made to federal retirement accounts to the Postal Service.

Please visit the full article on the APWU News Page where you can also see the entire list of current sponsors.

Only two PA representatives in Washington have signed on as sponsors. What happened to Western PA???

        pushpin[June 13th]

Rep. DeLauro to Introduce Protect Overnight Delivery Act
excerpted from APWU Web News Article 075-2013

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) will introduce legislation to preserve overnight mail delivery and, in the process, protect mail processing facilities from closure, she told fellow lawmakers in a letter dated June 13. [PDF]

Rep. DeLauro invited House members to become original co-sponsors of the Protect Overnight Delivery Act, which she plans to introduce later this month. Forty-three representatives have already signed on as co-sponsors, she said.

"The elimination of overnight delivery standards and consolidating processing facilities will have a disastrous impact on local and national unemployment," Rep. DeLauro wrote. "The USPS is a major employer around the country and employs over 500,000 workers. With an unacceptably high unemployment rate, it would be particularly inopportune for the USPS to close these facilities."

The legislation would protect mail processing plans from closure by preventing the Postal Service from moving to two- to three-day delivery standards. As a result, Rep. DeLauro wrote, the bill would stop the elimination of jobs at mail processing facilities.

        pushpin[June 7th]

Telephone, Electronic Grievance Discussions
excerpted from APWU Web News Article 073-2013

The APWU has reached agreement with the Postal Service on a Memorandum of Understanding re: Step 1 Discussions dated June 5, 2013, that clarifies the union's right to file a grievance by telephonic and/or electronic means.

The memorandum stipulates that a request from either management or the union to file by electronic or telephonic means will not be unreasonably denied. It also encourages the parties to share information through electronic or telephonic means.

"This MOU will go a long way in assisting our local and state organizations in providing representation to employees in small post offices and other facilities without a steward who physically works there." said Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris.

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