Don't Give Away Window Time!

Record Your Non-Revenue Transactions

retail counterIt's intentional: the Postal Service takes the human element out of staffing calculations because such subjectivity (i.e.— reasonableness) can only work against their stated intentions to downsize.

Identifying, recording, and consolidating idle moments is one of their strategies. This is no better demonstrated, regarding the reduction of window staffing, than via elecronically-recorded POS-ONE downtime.

Unfortunately, too many window clerks do not adequately log-in numerous codes assoicatied with the type of operational function they are doing and the system has no choice but to record such lapses as downtime-- as if no work is being done.

THe USPS counts on us taking shortcuts, but don't. USE window non-transaction keys for each and every such function performed:

  1. Mail pickup
  2. Respond to CFS issues
  3. Summon Supervisor
  4. Change of Address
  5. Rate inquiries
  6. Employment inquiries
  7. Voter registration
  8. Giving local directions
  9. Philatelic info/catalog
  10. Accept Hold Mail requests
  11. Request Passport Form
  12. Request Tax Form
  13. Accept customer service form
  14. Request/submit Selective Service Form
  15. Supply P.O. Box holder name/address
  16. Supply permit holder name/address
  17. Miscellaneous forms
  18. Other (try to avoid)
    • Answer phone
    • Request change
    • Water sponges
    • Putting up hold mail
    • Etc.

Of course it is equally essential that you timely return to the appropriate Transaction functions lest the entire period be recorded as downtime.