Second Quarter 2020

        pushpin[June 1st]

Patrick McShane Scholarship Winners 2020

The winners of the 2020-2021 Patrick McShane Scholarship were chosen on May 20, 2020.

Michael Giannuzzi, son of Carl Giannuzzi, Clerk, Penn Hills
Rachel Sivits, daughter of Jennifer Sivits, Clerk, Confluence
Brennen Crawford, son of Tamara Crawford, Clerk, GMF
Margaret Hines, daughter of Mike Hines, MVS, GMF

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who applied!

First Quarter 2020

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Scholarships 2020

Patrick McShane Memorial Scholarship (PMAPWU)

This scholarship is offered to current graduating high school senior or college undergraduate whose parent or legal guardian is a current active member in PMAPWU. Four names will be selected at the May 16, 2020 Membership Meeting.

Other scholarships available from the national APWU include the EC Hallbeck Scholarship Program (2020), and the Vocational Scholarship Program (2020.)

March 31, 2020 is the deadline for the APWU to receive completed applications. Applications can be downloaded at www.apwu.org/issues/scholarships.

PA AFL-CIO (2020) Scholarship Essay Contest — Details can be found at the PA AFL-CIO Scholarship webpage.

John T. Boxler Scholarship 2020: deadline is May 1, 2020, and you can get all the details from http://www.ppwu.org/Scholarship/scholarship.htm

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