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APWU National Agreement: Article 28*

Employer Claims

The parties agree that continued public confidence in the Postal Service requires the proper care and handling of the USPS property, postal funds and the mails. In advance of any money demand upon an employee for any reason, the employee must be informed in writing and the demand must include the reasons therefore.

Section 1. Shortages in Fixed Credits

Employees who are assigned fixed credits or vending credits shall be strictly accountable for the amount of the credit. If any shortage occurs, the employee shall be financially liable unless the employee exercises reasonable care in the performance of his duties. In this regard, the Employer agrees to:

A. Continue to provide adequate security for all employees responsible for postal funds;

B. Prohibit an employee from using the fixed credit or other financial accountability of any other employee without permission;

C. Grant the opportunity to an employee to be present whenever that employee's fixed credit is being audited and if the employee is not available to have a witness of the employee's choice present;

D. Absolve an employee of any liability for loss from cashing checks if the employee follows established procedures; and

E. Audit each employee's fixed credit no less frequently than once every four months.

[see Memo, page 338]

Section 2. Loss or Damage of the Mails

An employee is responsible for the protection of the mails entrusted to the employee. Such employee shall not be financially liable for any loss, rifling, damage, wrong delivery of, or depredation on, the mails or failure to collect or remit C.O.D. funds unless the employee failed to exercise reasonable care.

Section 3. Damage to USPS Property and Vehicles

An employee shall be financially liable for any loss or damage to property of the Employer including leased property and vehicles only when the loss or damage was the result of the willful or deliberate misconduct of such employee.

Section 4. Collection Procedure

A. If a grievance is initiated and advanced through the grievance-arbitration procedure or a petition has been filed pursuant to the Debt Collection Act, regardless of the amount and type of debt, collection of the debt will be delayed until disposition of the grievance and/or petition has (have) been had, either through settlement or exhaustion of contractual and/or administrative remedies.

B. No more than 15 percent of an employee's disposable pay or 20 percent of the employee's biweekly gross pay whichever is lower, may be deducted each pay period to satisfy a postal debt, unless the parties agree, in writing, to a different amount.

(The preceding Article, Article 28, shall apply to Transitional Employees)

*NOTE: This is an online version of Article 28, not an official version. Please use your own copy of the National Agreement to make copies of this document.

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